Testinomy, 5 point of it

(by Terri Finney, TX)

I held up a different finger for each part as I was teaching them and at the end had every child trace their hand and write one key point in each finger on the page.

Here are the 5 points.

FIVE POINTS of a TESTIMONY on your fingers

Draw around right hand on a piece of paper. Write the five points of a testimony (one on each of the fingers)

(thumb) Heavenly Father lives;
(1st finger) Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer;
(2nd finger) Joseph Smith is the prophet through whom the true church was restored;
(3rd finger) the Book of Mormon is the word of God;
(pinkie finger) Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet living today who guides us.

Of course they need to know that they don't have to memorize a statement and say it word for word, they just need to remember the key points.