Gospel in Action Twiester/Article of Faith
Conny Hillgaard: This program is no longer a part of Primary

This is a neat way to introduce the Gospel in Action program to your Senior Primary.
You may wish to invite parents to come to this sharing time so that they can find out what their children are challenged to work on.

Materials needed:


  1. Show children the GIA cards. Give out extra cards to those who don't have one. Teachers may also participate in this program. Briefly explain the program.
  2. Discuss the Articles of Faith - how they came to be written, what they are for, why they matter.
  3. Discuss the goal areas. In 4 columns on the chalkboard, list the 4 goal areas and brainstorm about possible activities they could do for each area. Write down all possibilities
  4. Take out the Twister game. Mark a spot on the carpet with tape that children have to stand behind to throw beanbag. Give each child a turn. Play as a group instead of teams with a challenge to see how many points you can get as a group until the end of Sharing Time.

Ways to earn points:

  1. If the bag lands on a number and the child knows what the Article of Faith is about - POINT
  2. If the child can then recite the A of F either on their own or with a friends help - POINT
  3. If the bag lands on a goal area and they can suggest a goal to fit that area - POINT (you can choose whether you want to erase the board or not)
  4. If the child has already completed a goal in that area (and it is marked on their card) - POINT

This is a fantastic way to motivate the senior Primary children. It gives them ideas as to what they can do to achieve their goals. It will also help the parents and teachers understand the program