Christmas Calender/candle

(by Jennifer)

Be aware of fire risk!
When you do this, it is at your own risk!
Do not go away from a lit candle!
Always supervise your children, when they are around a lit candle!



The scriptures tell the story of Jesus Christ, our King. 
Born in a lonely stable while angels, they did sing.
Let's not forget this season and the Savior of us all,
Gather loved ones all around you,
whether big, or small.
And while your candle's burning,
read the scriptures every night,
And let them help remind you of God's grace, love, and light.
Just keep the candle burning while scriptures you do read,
Then blow it out when finished,
let parents take the lead.
Start reading with these scriptures 'til Christmas time is past,
Continue daily reading and make the practice last.


Here are the scriptures that go with the candle and poem.

Day Event Reference Jesus Christ:
  Raising the daughter of Jarius Luke 8:41-45 was compassionate
2 Forgiving a sinful woman Luke 7:36-50 was forgiving
3 Healing a nobleman's son John 4:46-53           had power to heal
4 Cleansing the temple ohn 2:13-17 was reverent/opposed evil
5 Calming the storm Mark 4:35-41 had power over the elements
6 Blessing the children Mark 10:13-16 loved children
7 Dining with Mary & Martha Luke 10:38-42 made people happy
8 Suffering in the Garden Luke 22:41-45 was submissive and sacrificed for others
9 Washing the feet of apostles John 13: 3-17 was humble
10 Choosing his apostles Luke 6: 12-13 was prayerful
11 Advanced in wisdom Luke 2:51-52 obeyed his parents
12 Was baptized Matt  3: 13-17 obedient to God's law
13 Sermon on the Mount Matt. 5:2-16 gave counsel
14 Christ in the temple Luke 2:42-49 taught when 12 yr old
15 The Lord's Prayer Matt. 6:9-13 taught how to pray
16 The Sower Luke 8:5-16 taught with stories
17 The lost sheep Luke 15:4-7 helped sinners
18 The Good Samaritan Luke 10:29-36 was kind
19 The Comforter John 14:26-27 promised the Holy Ghost
20 Fishes and loaves Matt. 14:15-21 miracles
21 Lazarus John 11:40-44 raised dead
22 Mary's visitation Luke 1:26-33 Son of the highest
23 His birth Luke 2:1-11 fulfilled prophecy
24 Shepherd visited & worshipped Luke 2:12-16 Savior was brought gifts