On a Golden Springtime (CS 88)

(Music Workshop, Fall 2002)

Vs. 1 act out
large visuals.  flower, grass, sun for kids to put over face. 
Seedling was just a sign that said "seedling" that person wore. 
The flower and grass join hands to form the ground. 
The seedling bends down under the ground. 
They act out the song as we sing it. 
2nd time through: "Everyone push upward to the light" (stand up and push arms up)

vs. 2 Picture match.  Pictures from GAK
"As I sing the lines to the song see if you can find a picture on the board that matches what I am singing." 
She sang through the song once then had them match pics beginning at the end of the song and working backwards. 
Skip line three go to lines one and two. 
Save three for last because it is the most important line in this verse.
Don't forget to bear testimony of the truths taught in this verse.

vs. 3 
Read the Joseph Smith account from the scriptures to the kids with pianist softly playing the song. 
Discuss the scriptures and the verse as you teach vs. 3.
Again, bear testimony of this verse.