Article of Faith, activity day

(by Becky)
We had a color book on the articles of faith. 
There was a picture that represented each article of faith and then the article of faith written out underneath it. 

(You can find pictures for each AOF in Primary 5 (lesson manual)

She played a game with them.  She had twister and they had a beanbag. 
Shehad numbered each of the twister circles 1-13 to represent the articles of faith. 
They threw the beanbag and whatever number it landed on, they tried to recite that one and pass it off. 

We had a station where they could "pass off" an article of faith.  Once they did, they wrote their name on a peanut.  We had taken milk jugs and put an elephant on the front of it.  We made 3, one for each member of the bishopric.  We then put the peanuts in the milk jug.  Wow, I couldn't
believe how many peanuts there were!!!  The kids loved this, even the little ones.  We just let the little ones put their name on one and put it in.  The bishopric enjoyed this also.