Respecting leaders

When I was acting as the primary president a few years ago there was a class that was particularly hard on their teacher. He was even a man! I felt the need to come into the classroom and have a talk with the kids. So I prearranged what I would do with the teacher and then dropped into hisclass. I brought a plate of beautiful cupcakes that I had baked. And I said:

"I love to bake. It is one of my favorite things. It has taken me years of practice and study through lots of cookbooks. I had to make a lot of things that didn't turn out very well before I learned how to make it turn out every time. I have learned to decorate with frosting. It makes me feel so good when I make something wonderful and then can share it with someone else. I am so thrilled with Brother Evans, and how much he loves and cares about all of you that I have brought him these cupcakes to tell him "thank you"."

I then handed the plate over to him and he took one and smashed it all to pieces in his hands, right there in front of the drooling kids! They were shocked. It was so rude of him. When I could see their eyes all popped out of their sockets I explained to them:

"Brother Evans loves the gospel. He loves you too. He works hard every week preparing a lesson for you. He wants to help you learn the many important things that Heavenly Father and Jesus want you to know. He has a strong testimony. When you misbehave in class like this it is like the cupcake. You take something very important to him, that he gives freely, and you treat it poorly." Etc.

Then I explained that Brother Evans and I had planned for him to smash the cupcake, and he really wasn't being rude, since it was part of our object lesson. After that there was an increased effort in his children. They really were good kids, just needing to refocus.