Holding Hands Around the World
(by Annie emmertson)

First, I have to say that I LOVE this song and the children loved learning it because it has the same powerful message as Armies of Heleman and Scripture Power (some of you may remember this one from the Friend back on the late 80's I think).

I taught the chorus first so the kids could get the message and Spirit of the song first.

For the verse I found pictures from the Ensign, New Era, Gospel art kit, etc. for each phrase. The primary children only sang the first verse and the chorus each time.

I taught the second verse to the youth in our ward and they joined us on this song. (I really thought that the words to the 2nd verse made this appropriate.)

They also sang the chorus each time and then we repeated the chorus at the end.

This was by far the best song in the program. The Junior Primary children were all holding hands with each other and it was so sweet.

Here is what I used for my pictures to teach them:

"We are children singing..."

Picture of children in singing time

"Happy voices ringing..."

Picture of a youth choir

"We are children glowing..."

Picture of a Mormonad about Glowing with the gospel light

”Standing tall..."

Picture of a boy praying for the choosing right part

"There are children leading..."

Picture of missionaries

"Like the stripling..."

Picture of the 2000 stripling warriors

"For we know that..."

Picture of the Savior


"We are children..."

I didn't use a picture-just had the kids hold hands (those that wanted to)

"Like an army..."

Picture of Moroni and the Title of Liberty

"We are led..."

Picture of the Savior at the Second Coming with the Hosts of heaven on each side.