"On a Golden Springtime"
Gen. Primary Pres ideas 2002
(by Crystal Bowman)

Reminder: These were JUST SUGGESTIONS
The ideas provided were for the first verse of "On a Golden Springtime" . The point I got was to really to make sure the kids understand the concept of growth and "pushing upwards towards the light" before the analogy. I'll try to explain the idea of the first verse then include the ideas given to me for the 2nd and 3rd (I'm not sure if this was passed along from the stake level or the General Primary level- but helpful none-the-less)

Kids act out the first verse with the following props-

Flower one:
5 pink paper plates glued together at the edges to form a circle. Add a green poster board and leaves below. Child holds green stem and show face through middle hole of paper plates

Flower Two:
Same but the first flower, but is more of a tulip. The flower part is just a large poster board with a hole cut in the middle for another child's face. The top of the flower is cut zig zag to make the top of the tulip.

Large Green poster board cut zig zag acroos the top and circle for the hole in the middle.

Large yellow poster board with sun rays cut all the way around and hole cut out in the middle as well.

Find several appropriate pictures in the GAK and put them up on a bulletin board. Have the children match the words with one of the pictures (there is no wrong match!)

Have 6 children draw pictures ahead of time to represent each line of the third verse.