Bean bag time filler
(by Jennifer Nielsen)
  1. Ask a question. Then toss the beanbag to a child to answer the question. They answer the question and toss it back. Ask next question and toss beanbag to another child.
  2. Hide the beanbag in the hall somewhere between Primary and your class. (Maybe label your beanbag) Tell the children as they leave Sharing Time to walk slowly and reverently to class and keep your eyes open for the beanbag. Remind them not to pick it up only to spot it then they can sit down in class and wait until all children spotted the bag.
  3. Hide the beanbag in the classroom. The first person to spot it and
    raise their hand gets a special assignment like choosing a child to give the prayer or putting the chairs away or returning things to the library (remind them not to race for the bag. That only causes reverence problems)
  4. "Today we learned about..." toss the bag to a child, they can share one thought from the lesson or activity, then they toss it to the next and so on. This works well with Scouts and Achievement Days. (Example: name a knot we learned to tie or name one personal hygiene skill that we should do every day)
  5. Categories: Stand or sit in a circle. Choose a category. One person starts the beanbag moving by naming one thing in that category then passing the bag to the next person. You could either do outs or just have time limits.
    Things we've learned in scouts lately
    The areas of focus in Achievement Days
    Latter Day prophets
    Books in the Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New
    Scripture stories
    Children in primary
    A Scout is..(Loyal, honest, trustworthy)
    People in the room right now
  6. For a noisy or talkative class try this one! Tell the children that only the person holding the beanbag may talk. "Right now I am giving the lesson so I am the one holding the bag. If you have something to share or know the answer to a question, raise your hand and when I toss you the bean bag you may talk."
  7. Pin questions all over the beanbag. Toss it to a child. They get to pick a question and give the answer. Then toss it to another person to pick another question to answer.
  8. For Singing Time have pianist play a song that you need to review,
    everyone sings the song as they pass the beanbag. When the music stops the person holding the bag sits down. You could do this with a tape recorder (from the library) and a tape of Primary songs in the classroom.
  9. When the kids walk in hand one of them the bean bag. Let them choose a reverent or quiet person in class to hold the bag for 5 minutes or until you ask that child to choose another person that is being reverent or quiet to hold the bag.
  10. For Nursery have kids toss beanbags into buckets.
  11. Start a sentence toss the beanbag to a child to finish the sentence.
  12. Hot and cold. Hide the bag. Choose one child to be it. They leave the room while someone hides the beanbag. Have kids sing louder or softer as "it" gets closer or farther from the bag.
  13. Write questions on big squares of paper or footprints or some shape that corresponds to the lesson or activity. Place them on the floor. Have kids stand back and toss the bag. They get to answer the question that their bag lands on. Or just for fun have points on the papers and keep score.
  14. Count your Blessings. Sit in a circle. I am thankful for .. now toss the bag to the person sitting next to you. They have to repeat what you were thankful and add one thing they are thankful. Continue around the circle but remember don't duplicate blessings.
  15. Not a quiet game but a fun one would be Duck, Duck, Goose!