Extra class time
(by Debbie M.)

When I had extra time at the end of a lesson when I taught, I........

  1. Kept an oatmeal container of Church trivia, & a container of stickers. We would either divide into teams, or just go around the class one at a time, etc. People who got right answers got stickers, those who didn't gained greater knowledge of the Church.
  2. Had each of the kids think of three things they were grateful for that week, & then ask them to share these things with the class, if they wanted to. (Some things were too personal...)
  3. Had each of them think of one or two things that they could do for each member of their family during the coming week.
  4. Had each of them report how their family "good deeds" went that they'd planned from the week before.
  5. If worse came to absolute worse, we would play hangman, but it had to be truly Church-related. (Examples: "Spencer W. Kimball", "Young Women Rule", "Choose the Right", "Cub Scouts are Number One", "I am going to be married in the temple.", etc.)