46 Time Filler Ideas for Classtime
  1. Review the Articles of Faith and/or learn a new one.
  2. Memorize a key scripture from the lesson you just gave.
  3. Write a thank you note to the pianist, librarians, etc. or to the missionaries. Keep paper, envelopes and stickers in your Sunday bag.
  4. Tell a personal experience about gaining your testimony. Let the kids tell theirs.
  5. Keep an old Friend Magazine with your lesson book. Show the fun pages to
    whet their appetites, point out the main part of a story or read a short one. Show the prophet(s) and what they are doing. Encourage them to go home and read more. Keep old copies of the Friend to give to kids who don't subscribe. Let families know they can sign copies of the Friend magazine from the ward library.
  6. Let the kids draw pictures for the next holiday, even several months ahead. Take the pictures to a hospital or care center to put on food trays or walls, or put them in their journals in the primary closet.
  7. Make simple minute crafts that relate to the lesson or do pioneer crafts or games.
  8. Make copies of The Friend activity pages that are fun but teach something.
  9. Secret deed: discuss something simple the children can do this upcoming week. Encourage them to carry it out, and have them report back next week.
  10. Play a review game of Tic-Tac-Toe using questions from the lesson. If you have a large class use masking tape to make a grid on the floor and have kids be the game pieces.
  11. Have your children share one concept they learned from the lesson.
  12. Share your testimony of the lesson given.
  13. Have children share their favorite scripture story.
  14. Have a scripture chase with key scriptures from your lesson.
  15. Act out a story from a previous lesson - see who can remember.
  16. Sing! Choose a song that relates to your lesson topic, work on songs for this yearšs program or sing favorites.
  17. Let the children ask YOU any gospel-oriented questions they have.
  18. Talk about how to get inactive children to attend. Write a note/draw a picture to mail to them.
  19. Play "Who am I? " Give clues of a scripture hero, let the kids guess.
  20. Hold up a picture of a scripture story (lesson packets) and have kids tell all they know about it.
  21. Discuss a challenge/goal for class to achieve next Sunday.
  22. Mark favorite scriptures. Young children can draw a simple picture on the page that relates to the story. E.g. Boat for when Nephi builds a boat or a suitcase for when Lehišs family leaves Jerusalem.
  23. Teach children how to use the bible dictionary, topical guide, gazetteer, footnotes & references.
  24. Play Simon says... "If Noah built an ark put your hands on your head or if Moses baptized Jesus sit on the floor." They only do the things that are true. Be careful not to confuse small children.
  25. Play Bishop (or Prophet) says- State things that the bishop or prophet might say: Bishop says, "Obey your parents"; Bishop says, "Read your scriptures"; Bishop says, "Shop on Sunday". If the statement is something righteous, the kids hold their thumbs up. If the statement is unrighteous, they hold their thumbs down.
  26. Sewing pictures - This is great for a young class. Obtain pictures of the prophet or any other gospel picture. Laminate and punch holes around the outside of the picture and have the children lace a shoelace or yarn through the holes. (Masking Tape on the ends of the yarn keeps it from unraveling).
  27. Topical Guide Game- This game teaches children how to utilize the Topical Guide. Split into small teams or do individually with older kids. Pick two words that you know exist in a scripture together, i.e.; baptism and immersion, temple and marriage, etc. Look them up beforehand. Write the two words on the board. The first person or team to find the reference and to read the entire scripture containing both words in any form (hand, hands, handing) wins. Both words must be found in the same scripture, but not necessarily together."
  28. Have class members think of one or two things that they could do for each member of their family during the coming week. Next week have each of them report how their family "good deeds" went.
  29. On index cards make flashcards with the books of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon listed on them. Hold up the cards one at a time and have the children guess which set of scriptures it belongs to.
  30. Missing Picture ­ Using several pictures from your lesson packet or actual photos of teachers and leaders from your ward, post all the pictures on the chalkboard. Have the children study the pictures then close their eyes and take one picture away. The children guess which picture is missing.
  31. Work on the Gospel In Action program (program for all children 8 years and older).
  32. Older children can write their testimonies in a Book of Mormon and give it to a friend or to the missionaries (we have Book of Mormons in the primary closet you can have).
  33. Translate ”Nephite” writings. Use your word processor to write a coded message related to your lesson and let children solve it.
  34. Matching games: Make 2 lists and have children match the pairs.
    -Fathers and Sons (David and Jonathon)
    -Husbands and Wives (Adam and Eve)
    -Person and object or event (ie Samson & Hair, Noah & Ark)
    -Stories/characters and scripture source (ie Nephi & Book of Mormon)
  35. Cross words, Word search, fallen phrases etc -make your own at http://puzzlemaker.school.discovery.com/index.html
  36. Teach them how to pray.
  37. Make a time line to review scripture stories
  38. Play pictionary using lesson topics or scripture stories.
  39. Play charades using lesson topics or scripture stories.
  40. Write out a sentence but omit all of the vowels. Have children fill in the blanks: J_s_ph Sm_th r_st_r_d th_ g_sp_l. (Joseph Smith restored the gospel)
  41. Play Bingo with pictures relating to lesson or general gospel pictures.
  42. Play Concentration using pictures that relate to the lesson. Place a large picture behind the tiles being turned over and when a match is made remove tiles. When game is over the picture is revealed.
  43. Play Jeopardy with categories and questions relating to your lesson.
  44. Play Millionaire with questions from the lesson.
  45. Play Cross out to guess lesson topic. Hide each word of a phrase in another word. Draw a picture of the second word. Children cross out letters of second words to reveal hidden message: smwiele ckiatne raepppelnet
  46. Make a scripture reading chart for children to take home. Child colors in a section each time he/she reads the scriptures.