Service and citizenship 29 suggestions

(Friend Dec 1997)

These suggestions were original made as a Christmas Calender, but they can easily be made as service projects.

  1. Visit someone who is lonely or sick.
  2. Bear your testimony in church on fast Sunday.
  3. Have your mom help you bake Christmas goodies. Give some to a neighbor or friend.
  4. Write a special note to someone in your family, telling him or her how much you love and appreciate him or her.
  5. Clean your room without being asked.
  6. Help your parents prepare a Christmas lesson for family home evening.
  7. Make a Christmas card for someone in your ward or branch. Ask your parents to help you send it.
  8. Go caroling at a hospital or nursing home.
  9. Help your parents wrap presents.
  10. Volunteer to say the family prayer.
  11. Call or write one of your relatives and wish him or her “Merry Christmas.”
  12. Learn all three verses of “Silent Night” and sing it for your family.
  13. Help put away the groceries.
  14. Hug each person in your family at least three times in one day.
  15. Share your favorite scripture story with a friend.
  16. Tell a friend why you love him or her.
  17. Write your testimony of Jesus Christ in your journal.
  18. Make a poster by writing your favorite scripture on a piece of paper and decorating it with crayons or markers. Hang it on your wall and try to memorize it. Share it with someone you know.
  19. Surprise someone you know with a special act of service (e.g., shovel the sidewalk, sweep the floor, make his or her bed).
  20. Write a letter of thanks to your Primary teacher.
  21. Draw a picture of Jesus Christ as a baby in a manger.
  22. Put on a play about the first Christmas.
  23. Read about the birth of Christ in one or more of these scriptures: Luke 2:1-20, Matt. 2:1-12, 1 Ne. 11:13-20, 3 Ne. 1:12-21.
  24. Write a poem or an entry in your journal about how you would feel if you were there when the Savior was born.
  25. Donate some food, clothes, or something else helpful to a homeless shelter or needy person (ask your parents’ permission first).
  26. Compliment (say something nice about) five different people—for example, “Mom, you look nice today!” or “That was a great talk you gave in Primary,” or “Thanks for a great Primary lesson, teacher!”
  27. Invite a nonmember friend over for family home evening.
  28. Babysit for your mom or someone else you know so she/he can have some free time.
  29. Think of other special ways of your own to let your light shine!