I belong to the church of Jesus Christ CS 77
(Friend Jan 2003, suggestion # 6)

Song Presentation:

Explain that "The Church of Jesus Christ" (p. 77) is a song of commitment to things the children know and do.

Ask the children to count the number of times the word I or I'll is used in the song.
Sing the song. Have the children hold up a finger for each I or I'll (10 times).
Sing, stopping after each phrase to discuss what it means.

Give each child a small piece of paper shaped like a brick or a stone, and a pencil.
Divide the Primary into nine groups.
Have each group illustrate one phrase, such as "I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
Have each child in the group draw a picture on the brick or stone of something that shows their membership, such as being baptized or taking the sacrament or wearing a CTR ring.
Ask the pianist to quietly play the song while the children draw.

Invite each group to stand and show their pictures as they sing their phrase.
Then have the children place their brick or stone pictures on a simple outline drawing of a church (allow space for each child's picture in an area for his or her group's phrase).
Have the Primary sing the entire song again.
Point to each section of the church that reminds the children of that phrase.
Have each group stand as their phrase is sung.