I belong to the church of Jesus Christ
(Friend Jan 2003, suggestion # 2)

The New Testament teaches us about the Church during Jesus' time on earth.
Have the children learn about the Church at that time by having them locate and read scriptures.
Write the following scripture references in random order on one side of a chalkboard:

On the other side of the chalkboard, write these terms:

  1. "baptism,"

  2. "prayer,"

  3. "priesthood,"

  4. "tithes and offerings,"

  5. "sacrament,"

  6. "scriptures,"

  7. "temple,"

  8. "baptism for the dead,"

  9. "apostles and prophets,"

  10. "singing songs."

Choose a scripture. Have the children locate it and read it aloud. Have another child draw a line from the reference to the correct phrase. Discuss how these aspects of the gospel are the same today; sing songs about each one.