I belong to the church of  Jesus Christ

(Friend Jan 2003 suggestion # 4)

Help the children understand how the Apostasy changed the Church.

Use small boxes or blocks to build a building.

As each child adds a block to the building, have him or her name something that existed in the Savior's church and then all sing an appropriate song:

Have the children read Ephesians 2:20 aloud.
As you explain how the Apostasy caused division in the Church, dismantle the building.
Divide the blocks among several classes and have them use them to build smaller buildings.
Explain how no single church had all of the same parts as the Savior's church.

Help the children memorize Article of Faith 1:6. Sing "The Sixth Article of Faith" (p. 126).

Note: Save the blocks for next month, when you teach about the Restoration. At that time, repeat the process of building the Church in New Testament times, dismantling and building small buildings to represent churches after the Apostasy. Then help the children understand that we have the same principles and ordinances and priesthood offices as the Church did in Jesus' day by rebuilding the original building to represent His church today.