Joseph Smith items & facts

(by Heather Krenk)

This is how I'll use this activity (Conny H.):
Gather all the object in a box. Then cover all the objects with a blanket.

  1. I'll let a child take an object from the box.
  2. Then ask what it is, and if the child can guess what prophet is relates to.
  3. Then I'll tell the story that goes along with the object.
  4. After each object we'll sing a song. (let the songleader decide which one)
  5. Repeat 1-4 until all object are "found"


Flax seed (or wheat) When this prophet was young, his family
farmed to earn money so they could buy things they needed.
A picture of a small log cabin
(or the re-created Smith log home)
 When this prophet was young, his family built their own home that looked like this picture.
A Bible When this prophet was young, his family used to read together, each night, from the Bible and talk about it.
A bed We went in depth into the story of Joseph Smith's illness
A rope We then went into the story of how the Dr. couldn't help this prophet, so he wanted to amputate.  To read the story look in:
"Boys who became prophets" pg. 2-3
"Mothers of the prophets" pg. 7-9
A wooden box (or picture of one - I drew one) Tell the story about the sacred record being hidden in the wooden box to protect it from people who wanted to steal it.
Small blanket Tell the story about this prophet hiding the sacred record in bed with his two little sisters once when a bunch of men broke into the house to steal the sacred record.
A picture of the Kirkland temple This prophet organized the building of the first temple in our time in Kirkland, Ohio.
A small toy This prophet was very playful, loved children, and
loved to play.