I lived in heaven

(by Penny, WA)

When I taught this song I felt the message was very important for the kids to understand so this is what I did.

I opened with talk about moving, and that I had moved alot in my life.

I shared my feelings that this song can be a testimony/message to someone ( a friend) who doesn't know about the gospel.

You:  Did you know that " I lived in heaven" ?
Friend:  You did?  When?
You:  "A long time ago"
Friend:  No way......really?
You:  "It is true"  (I shared that this statement would be a bold one, not said with a soft tone but a firm conviction)
Friend:  What did you do there?
You:  "Lived there and loved there "
Friend :  With who?
You:   "With people I know, so did you!"

See how the "conversation" goes?

The kids loved it!  I just put up the word strips that were the "answers" when we got to them.  This song has a wonderful message, as they all do. 

WE just need to make sure that the children understand what they are singing so they can get the message also.

Once you go through the song, then you can have a question answer game and use the questions above to prompt the answers( which are the verses)