On a Golden Springtime 

(by Laurie McBride)

1st verse:

Today I taught the first verse of "On a Golden Springtime" and used a self-made puppet as a visual aid.  

The way I used it was this;keep in mind the seed is on your hand, worn like a mitten or sock puppet.

Tekst: visual aid:
On a golden springtime...... just hold up the asleep side of the seed with your right hand
Underneath the ground..... move the seed below my left arm- which I held parallel to the floor as to represent the ground.
A tiny seedling lay asleep until the sun shone down... I turned my hand 90 degrees so that now the seed was sideways and looked like it was sleeping.
Awake, awake oh little seed, push upward to the
the seed slowly goes upright again and moves upward towards the parallel arm.
The day is bright with all your might push upward to
the light.....
Have the happy face side of the mitten exposed now and have it "grow" up from under the "ground" and once completely above the parallel arm/ground I used both hands to start turning the "mitten" inside-out and therefore expose the sunflower which has been hidden up until this point.  This gives the "illusion" that a flower is growing from the seed and it looks like it is on a mound of dirt when the mitten is inside-out.

I had a feeling that the junior kids would like it, but I was very surprised when the boys in the Valiant 11 class exclaimed, "cool!"


2nd verse:

3rd verse: