Class presentation: I belong to the true Church of Jesus Christ
(Friend Feb 2003)

Help the children understand the importance of making and keeping covenants. Before Primary, on separate slips of paper, write questions such as these about the covenants children make at baptism, at confirmation, and when they take the sacrament: "Who baptized Jesus?" "At what age can you be baptized?" "What promises do you make when you take the sacrament?" Place the slips in a container.

Locate pictures about baptism, confirmation, and the sacrament, such as these in the GAK: John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus, 208; Alma Baptizes in the Waters of Mormon, 309; Baptism, 601; The Gift of the Holy Ghost, 602; The Last Supper, 225; Blessing the Sacrament, 603; Passing the Sacrament, 604.

Have the music leader make a list of possible songs to sing about these covenants and ordinances.

Draw a simple game board on the chalkboard (see TNGC, pp. 169–170) with a picture of the Savior at the finish and a paper doll cutout as the marker.

Introduce the game by having the children read aloud D&C 136:4. Discuss what it means to "walk in all the ordinances of the Lord." Tell them that the object of the game is to help the marker "walk" in the ordinances by their taking turns to answer a question, guess the picture, or name the song. If the child chooses to answer a question, he draws a question from the container and advances the marker if the question is answered correctly.

If the child chooses to guess the picture, he faces the Primary. The other children are shown the picture; then the child asks up to 10 questions that can be answered yes or no to gain information to help him guess what the picture is of. He advances the marker if he guesses correctly.

If the child chooses to name the song, he or she guesses it from notes played on the piano. The number of notes played is 13 minus the child's age. If the child guesses correctly, he advances the marker, and everyone sings the song.

Have the children continue to take turns until the marker reaches the finish. Discuss some of the blessings they can receive because of their obedience to commandments and keeping their covenants.

For a class presentation: Have the class members help prepare the above game by having them write questions, locate pictures from the meetinghouse library, and choose appropriate songs to sing. Additionally, have each class member find out more about the pictures that have been chosen. Have them look up the scriptures referred to on the back of each GAK picture. During the game, after a picture has been shown and guessed, have a class member retell the story and share a scripture.