I belong to the true Church of Jesus Christ

(Friend Feb 2003)

Help the children increase their testimonies about the Book of Mormon by having them learn information found on the title page. Ask questions such as "Whose hand wrote this account?" "Where were the plates taken?" "Who translated this account?" Then have a child read the answer as it is written on the title page.

Bear your testimony about Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon from plates given to him by the Angel Moroni. Share an appropriate experience about the power of the Book of Mormon.

Sing "Book of Mormon Stories" (pp. 118–119).

Review some Book of Mormon stories by handing out these GAK pictures to different children:

Make a time line around the perimeter of the room by attaching these dates to the walls:

600 B.C.; 591 B.C.; 544–421 B.C.; 160–150 B.C.; 148–147 B.C.; 130 B.C.; 100–92 B.C.; 90 B.C.; 73 B.C.; 64 B.C.; 6 B.C.; A.D. 34; A.D. 385; A.D. 400–421; A.D. 1823.

Make up a second set of dates on separate pieces of paper and place them in a container.

With the children, review how to locate scriptures in the Book of Mormon, and teach them how to find the approximate dates of events, located at the bottom of the pages. Use a chalkboard to explain how dates are written with Christ's birth at the midpoint of B.C. and A.D. dates.

Allow the children time to locate the first Book of Mormon reference listed on the backs of their GAK pictures and the approximate dates on the bottoms of the pages. (Note: the date for Joseph Smith receiving the plates is found in JS—H 1:27.)

Have a child take a date from the container. Have the children with the corresponding picture place it below the time-line date, then briefly tell the story and how Heavenly Father blessed the people in the picture.

Sing songs about some of these events, such as "Nephi's Courage" (pp. 120–121), "We'll Bring the World His Truth" (pp. 172–173), "Easter Hosanna" (pp. 68–69), "An Angel Came to Joseph Smith" (p. 86).


For younger children: Place the time line around the room as explained above, leaving a space between 6 B.C. and A.D. 34. Have the children sit in a circle. Place the GAK pictures listed above in the middle of the circle, along with GAK 200 (The Birth of Jesus). Pick up the picture of Lehi. Ask questions such as the following to have the children help tell the story: "Who is in the picture?" "What do you think is happening?" "Why are they leaving?" "Where are they going?" Have a child place the picture under the 600 B.C. date. Sing "Book of Mormon Stories" (pp. 118–119). Repeat the process for the rest of the dates, placing the picture of the birth of Jesus Christ between the B.C. and A.D. dates.