Article of Faith, jeopardy


We played a "Jeopardy" type game where the children chose a question that pertained to each Article of Faith that was worth one, two or three points. 
For this one, you again need the chalk board or the numbers and points written on a card for the children to choose so you can keep track of which ones have been chosen. 

Articles of Faith - General
1 point - Who wrote the Articles of Faith?  (Joseph Smith)
2 points - In what book of scripture do we find the Articles of Faith? (Pearl of Great Price)
3 points - What are the Articles of Faith? (Thirteen brief statements of some of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints written under divine insipration by the Prophet Joseph Smith.)

Article of Faith 1
1 point - How many personages are in the Godhead? (Three)
2 points - Name the three members of the Godhead.
3 points - Describe the type of body each member of the Godhead has.

1 - For whose sins will men be punished?
2 - What does it mean to sin?
3 - What is the difference between a sin and a transgression?

1 - Who is our Savior?
2 - What does the third Article of Faith say we are to do to be saved?
3 - What does the Atonement of Jesus Christ mean?

1 - What does baptism by "immersion" mean.
2 - What can you do to keep the promises you made when you were baptized
3 - Faith means to hope for things _________________.

1 - Name two people who have been called of God.
2 - To preach means to what?
3 - Tell what we mean when we say "a man must be called of God."

1 - Who is the prophet on the earth today?
2 - The Church that Jesus organized is sometimes called _______________-.
3 - Evangelist is another word for _______________.

1 - Tell what the words "and so forth" mean.
2 - Tell who may receive revelation for the whole church.
3 - Name three spiritual gifts and tell what they mean.

1 - Tell who was shown and translated the gold plates.
2 - Tell what happened because the bible was transalated so many times.
3 - Tell which translation of the Bible is most correct.

1 - Tell one thing God revealed long ago in bible times.
2 - Name two things God ha revealed to us in the latter days.
3 - Tell what kinds of things God will reveal to his prophets.

AOF 10
1 - The prophet Jacobs name was changed to ___________.
2 - how many sons did Jacob have.
3 - Why were the Israelites scattered.

AOF 11
1 -What is the complete name of our church?
2 - Name three other churches.
3 - Tell what "the dictates of our conscience" mean.

AOF 12
1 - Tell what being "subject to" means.
2 - Name three kinds of leaders we believe in being subject to.
3 - Explain why it is important to follow our leaders and the lwar.

AOF 13
1 - Tell whom we should be good to.
2 - Name two ways you can show love for others.
3 - Tell what "endure" means.