Holding Hands around the world 2nd. verse

(by Anne Brown)


Words Actions
There are children sharing all around the world I used the globe on a stool again and had children stand around it and "share" a Book of Mormon with their neighbor by passing the book around the circle.
Leading other children to the Gospel fold I had one child motion to a second child to follow them and grab their hand to lead them.
With the strength of youth we do the Father's work I made two missionary tags for two boys to wear and had them hold B of M's like they were sharing the gospel.  We talked about how missionaries are still young or in their youth when they go on missions, and that we don't have to go on a mission to share the gospel, they can do it now as children.  We also talked about what the Father's work is.
With our hearts and our hands we will serve We put our right hand on our heart, then brought it down in front of us to show our hand (palm up), then we put both hands out in front of us and pushed them out (palms up) like we were serving something.  I wasn't too sure about that last one, but everytime I did it and asked them what it  helped us remember they always said "serve".
We are covenant children with a gift to give For covenant we raise our right hand.  We talked about how a covenant is a promise and sometimes when we make a promise to a friend, what do we do?  We raise our hand in the air.  For gift, I brought a gift for a child to hold, explaining that inside the gift was the gospel.
We will share the gospel by the way we live Missionaries again,
With each word and action we will testify For action I used a picture of people helping someone move, and testify I had a child stand at the podium like they are baring their testimony.  We talked a little about what testify means.
We believe and we serve Jesus Christ For believe I touched my head, to remind them that we not only believe but "know", for serve we did the hand thing again, and Jesus Christ I had the child at the podium hold a picture of Jesus.