On a Golden Springtime

(by Cathy, Provo Utah)

I basically agree with Lisa's email about it being a parable.  (the first verse)

I introduced the verse by reading Alma 32:28 where he compares the WORD to the seed being planted in your heart.
If we don't "cast it out in unbelief " it will "swell within your breasts" etc...

In my opinion this is at least as important as the other 2 verses because this is where we teach the children to apply it (THE WORD) to each of them personally. I also read D&C 10:69 & 70 to teach them that the sun represents the Light that the world (and our seed of a testimony) needs to push and reach for.

I used the idea that I think I found here in this group where I used two children holding green grass (poster board) I couldn't find brown.  A child culed up on the floor to play the seed and then grew into a big flower they put their face in the middle of.  Another child put their face into a big bright sun. The children in the seats did appropriate actions to the words. They are very creative and just made them up as we sang. We all had a wonderful time.