FHE act. day

(by Jennifer)


We had a lesson on Lehi's dream and holding to the rod.  This was very simple,about 5 min. and then had a Rod made out of PVC Pipe and held up on quilting frame corners(I guess that's was there called, you could use chairs or anything.)

Song Class:
Then we learned a song, Hold to the Rod.
(The chorister taught this, and she had pictures to remind them of the words just like she would in a Sunday singing time.)

Then there was a treat class. 
We taught them how to make a simple treat.  I think it was "rocky road." We talked about how much smoother the path is if your holding on to the rod. 

Then there was an activity class:
We had pictures that went along with the story of Lehi's dream and had them color these so they could go home and teach the lesson the next week for FHE.  It took a little prep work but mostly, copying and set up.