Family Home Evening Activity Day

(by Michele)

This is the basic outline of our activity.

We gathered the families together. 
Each family got to pick their own pizza box and then design the bottom however they wished. 
They also received four file folders that had the name of each station they would be going to:

  1. Lesson Ideas,
  2. Game/Activity Ideas,
  3. Food Ideas,
  4. Music Ideas. 

They could also decorate or draw on each file folder to illustrate the topic if they chose. 
This opening lasted about 20 minutes. Then we divided them into the four groups.  And they rotated at about 30 minutes at each station.


The food station:
Gave fun recipes for children to make. 
One was cinnamon snails.  This is bread spread with cream cheese.  It is then rolled up and cut into tiny pieces about 1/3 inch wide.  Cinnamon and sugar is sprinkled on top and it is toasted in the oven.  Some of their recipes came out of the old Friend magazine.  Peanut butter candy, fruit pizza, caramel corn.  I also helped them with an April fool's day recipe I saw in a Friend once.  It was a piece of angel food cake sliced about 1/2 inch wide and laid on its side.  You cover that with cool whip.  Then you place a canned peach half pit side down in the middle of the cool whip and cake.  It looks like a sunny side up egg.

The music station:
Included lots of ideas for songs.  And had puppets to make out of Popsicle sticks.  You label those with loud, soft, etc....

The lesson station:
The children made the assignment wheels.  You take a smaller paper Chinet plate and place it inside a larger one.  You fix one of those brass looking tabs in the middle and fold the ends flat.  This allows it to rotate.  Then you label (draw pie shapes) the assignments in the smaller plate such as opening prayer, closing prayer, music, lesson, refreshments, games, helper, free space, etc.... This depends on how many people are in the family and what assignments you want for your own FHE's. Then on the outside rim of the larger plate you place the names.  You can color it however you choose.  The crafts/games section was more personalized for our ward.  But she did hand out all kinds of ideas for different crafts she got from the Friend, over the internet, etc....

Game/Activity Ideas:
The teacher works in a medical facility.  Evidently, they get little tiny clear glass bottles of sterilized water. She saved enough of those for the
children to make into single flowerpots.  The children took tiny pieces of tissue paper and dipped them in a glue water solution and placed them on the outside of the bottle.  Then they placed a tiny piece sponge in the neck so that they could put flower seeds on it and water them till they grew into flowers.  Then they let them dry.  They turned out really cute. I think the bottles were only 2 1/2 inches high.