FHE act day

(by RaChelle, Idaho)

We didn't think of the idea, but we did have the FHE Primary activity day.
We did it after school this last February. As the kids arrived we sent them to the kitchen for a snack and then they came to make a FHE box. Each family made one, so if their was more then one child in the family they helped each other.

The children decoupaged the pictures from the "Friend" onto their boxes and put their family name on them. I also printed out a sheet that read - Family Home Evening Box- that they could decoupage on too. Next they set these out to dry.

We divided up in 4 groups with children of various ages.

Each group had one or two teachers in it. They them rotated between for stations. 

  1. Lessons,
  2. Activities,
  3. Music,
  4. Scriptures.
  5. We had treat ideas, but we just put these in their boxes.

At the lesson station they colored and made (tried to make in a short time) flannel board stories about Joseph Smith and a few other propets. If they didn't finish they were able to take them home. We found these on the 30 year CDs. They also had a sheet of ideas on where to get lessons.

At the scripture station they made scripture jars. We used the scriptures that they will learn this year and said that they could add their family
favorites to these.

At the music station they made a conductors hat and cut out squares of paper with song on them for a grab bag (this is my son's favorite).  They got a list of the song that we will learn this year so they can practice at home.

And at the game and activity station they got a sheet of ideas, 2 games to take home and make and they colored and played one there to teach their family.