Article of Faith activity day


A - Joseph Smith wrote 13 statements called The ________ of Faith.
B - The second word in twelve of the Articles of Faith.
C - In the eleventh Article of Faith the second word is different thanthe rest.  What is it?
D - We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the ______ of our own conscience.
E - We believe God is our _________ Father.
F - In the fourth Article of Faith, there are four words that start with
F.  What are they
G - We believe in doing _______ to all men.
H - The thirteenth Article of Faith states "We believe in being ________.
I - We believe in the literal gathering of ___________.
J - The New ___________ will be built upon the american Continent.
K - We believe that God will yet reveal many important things pertaining
to the __________ of God.
L - How do we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost?
M - We believe in doing good to all ___________.
N - We believe all that God does __________ reveal.
O - We believe in the same ___________ that existed in the primitive church.
P - We believe a man must be called of God by ____________.
Q - According to the footnotes in the new edition of the scriptures, what does the word called mean in the fifth Article of Faith?
R - How does Heavenly Father communicate with our prophets?
S - We believe in ___________ the law.
T - We believe the bible as far as it is ______________ correctly.
U - We believe that Christ will reign personally ___________ the earth.
V - In the seventh Article of Faith it says we may see Heavenly Father, Jesus or a messenger.  When you see a Heavenly messenger, it is called what?
W - What is the name of the letter in which Joseph Smith wrote the Articles of Faith clled?
Y - Got has revealed, he does now reveal and he will _______ reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God.
Z - Another word for the New Jerusalem is?

First, Faith, Four, Fourth
Laying on of Hands
Qualifications for

Articles of Faith - General
1 point - Who wrote the Articles of Faith?  (Joseph Smith)
2 points - In what book of scripture do we find the Articles of Faith? (Pearl of Great Price)
3 points - What are the Articles of Faith? (Thirteen brief statements of some of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints written under divine insipration by the Prophet Joseph Smith.)
Article of Faith 1
1 point - How many personages are in the Godhead? (Three)
2 points - Name the three members of the Godhead.
3 points - Describe the type of body each member of the Godhead has.
1 - For whose sins will men be punished?
2 - What does it mean to sin?
3 - What is the difference between a sin and a transgression?
1 - Who is our Savior?
2 - What does the third Article of Faith say we are to do to be saved?
3 - What does the Atonement of Jesus Christ mean?
1 - What does baptism by "immersion" mean.
2 - What can you do to keep the promises you made when you were baptized
3 - Faith means to hope for things _________________.
1 - Name two people who have been called of God.
2 - To preach means to what?
3 - Tell what we mean when we say "a man must be called of God."
1 - Who is the prophet on the earth today?
2 - The Church that Jesus organized is sometimes called _______________-.
3 - Evangelist is another word for _______________.
1 - Tell what the words "and so forth" mean.
2 - Tell who may receive revelation for the whole church.
3 - Name three spiritual gifts and tell what they mean.
1 - Tell who was shown and translated the gold plates.
2 - Tell what happened because the bible was transalated so many times.
3 - Tell which translation of the Bible is most correct.
1 - Tell one thing God revealed long ago in bible times.
2 - Name two things God ha revealed to us in the latter days.
3 - Tell what kinds of things God will reveal to his prophets.
AOF 10
1 - The prophet Jacobs name was changed to ___________.
2 - how many sons did Jacob have.
3 - Why were the Israelites scattered.
AOF 11
1 -What is the complete name of our church?
2 - Name three other churches.
3 - Tell what "the dictates of our conscience" mean.
AOF 12
1 - Tell what being "subject to" means.
2 - Name three kinds of leaders we believe in being subject to.
3 - Explain why it is important to follow our leaders and the lwar.
AOF 13
1 - Tell whom we should be good to.
2 - Name two ways you can show love for others.
3 - Tell what "endure" means.