The 4th Article of Faith
(by Keri Tieman)

Song: Fourth Article of Faith (use class members with headbands - we enlarged some finger puppets found in the Friend)

A six-year-old boy in the car parked ahead of you turns and sticks his tongue out at you.
What should you do?

This happened to Elder Wayne S. Peterson of the Seventy while he was waiting in his car.
What do you think he did?
Elder Peterson remembered how important it is to choose the right.
He said, "I waved at the little boy. He stuck his tongue out at me again. I smiled and waved again. This time he waved back. Soon he was joined by a little brother and sister. [When their car] pulled away, my newfound friends continued to wave for as long as I could see them." Elder Peterson chose to show his faith in Jesus Christ by following His teachings.

The Savior taught, "Therefore, all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them" (3 Ne. 14:12).

Elder Peterson felt good as the car drove away, because he had chosen the right. We are happy when we choose the right and keep the commandments.

When we choose the right, we show our love for Heavenly Father and we can then learn other things that Heavenly Father wants us to learn and do.

Sister Whitmer is going to share her feelings for Jesus Christ with us.
Let's listen real close to her faith in Jesus.

Sing Faith pp. 96-97

Video: A Promise to Follow Jesus (9 minutes)

What happens, though, if we choose to do something wrong?
We feel bad, and we know that we need to repent so that we can be forgiven.
A loving Heavenly Father has provided a way for us to be forgiven so that we can be worthy to be with Him.

Sing - The Still Small Voice pp. 106-107

Color door hanger: Doorhanger Friend Oct 2002

Place the hanger on a doorknob to help you remember to choose the right each day. If you have made a good choice sometime during the day, turn the hanger over to show that you have shown your faith to choose the right.

One side of the door hanger:


other side:


Hand out cards of Jesus, for them to carry around with them, like the little boy in the video.
(our bookstore didn't have enough cards in stock so I made my own and laminated them.)

    Today I will have
            Faith to
    Choose the Right

other side - I put a sticker of Jesus on this side

        Today I
     will follow