On a golden springtime

(by Amy Griffeth)

I started the whole thing by talking about how Sister Clegg talked about in her talk that sometimes when we sing a song we feel warm and good inside and that's the spirit telling us that what we're singing is true. 
I told them that if they really thought about what they were singing and sang reverently they could have that feeling and know these things were true. 

I read the scripture in Alma about our faith, testimony being like a seed. 

Then I told them the next verse was going to talk about another major thing that they could know was true and would help their testimony seeds grow. 
We went over the words and sang it and then I said if you believe that Joseph Smith went into that grove and knelt and prayed and if you believe that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him then that helps you to also know that he was a prophet, that he restored this church and translated the Book of Mormon etc. 


I know this sounds like a lot of talk - but I talk fast and I mingled the talk with singing. 
The results were well worth it - I left primary knowing that those children had been taught the gospel and the song and that they now know it.  We talked about how Joseph Smith had read in James 1:5 that God gives to men liberally - I said Heavenly Father wants to give to you the answers you look for and he doesn't put any limits - he doesn't say - you can only ask one question a night - I said you can kneel down and ask him as much as you want and if you listen you can get the answers you seek.  We also talked about how God is no respecter of persons I said another important thing we learn from Joseph Smith's experience is that God knew him, that he loved him and I know that he knows each of you
(only I specifically said some of the kids names - kind of caught their attention).