On a golden springtime

(Jenny Lynn, Indianapolis, IN)

The last few minutes of sharing time, into the first few minutes of singing time, we showed the video of the first vision--it ended perfectly the sharing time, and started my time perfectly, and we were able to divide the time of the video into both. 

After the video and the pres. members testimony, I had them close their eyes and envision what they had just seen. 

I did the idea posted before, asking them questions about what they just saw (Was there snow on the ground?  Were there leaves falling?  Then what season was it? SPRING!)

Then I used the Puppet stage I had made a few years ago when I taught The Sacred Grove (Friend Jul 2001)

I put up the stage as I would sing the parts of the song that went with the parts of the puppet stage.  So, it went something like this:
Close your eyes and imagine what you just saw ~
Was there snow on the ground? 
Were there leaves falling? 
Then what season was it? SPRING!  Very good! 

Open your eyes!  (Show "puppet stage"--shoebox with picture of Scared Grove ~ and sing "On a Golden Springtime)

Close your eyes again...
When Joseph was praying were there waves crashing around? 
Was there sand under him? 
Or how about cactuses by him? 
Then where was he?  A FOREST!

Open your eyes (Point to picture of sacred grove and the "opening" in the forest--sing the first line, and add on "In a forest glade" and
explain what a "glade" is)

Close your eyes one last time...
Who do you see who came to visit Joseph?  HEAVENLY FATHER AND JESUS! 

Open your eyes!  (Slide picture of Hevenly Father and Jesus through one side of puppet stage and sing first two phrases and add on "The Father and the Son appeared")
While Joseph did what?  PRAYED! (Slide in Joseph on the other side and sing "While Joseph knelt and prayed"--sing through whole first half of song, then ask them to join in)

On the board behind me, I had the GAK picture of the First Vision and then GAK pictures to go with every phrase after that verse. 

I asked them if, after Joseph was given the keys to restore the gospel, did he hide it? 
What about others? 
Did they hide the gospel, or eagerly share it with others? 

I saw the rest of this verse as what the early saints would have been saying as they shared the gospel, so I taught it to them with excitement in my voice as I sang "Awake! Awake!......" and pointed to each picture that went along with the phrases

The pictures were:
"Awake! Awake! Oh Nations all" ~ picture from the children's manuals of all the nations ~ looks like a "flat world map"
"Receive the Gospel Light" ~ picture of the Golden Plates "The Gospel true, is here for you" ~ GAK picture of missionaries
"Receive its glorious light!"  ~  picture of Joseph Smith receiving the golden plates

The kids picked up on it pretty fast, and we just played a game after that reviewing all three verses. (A game board with ways to sing, and they rolled the dice to move the chorister along the gameboard, so she could tell us how we would sing the song that time--standing on one foot was their favorite ~ the song has long verses and it is tricky to stand on one foot the whole time! 

The dice only had numbers 1-3, so if they rolled a one, we sang verse 1, rolled a two, we sang verse 2, and rolled a three, we sang verse 3)
Also, I have hand motions/actions they have learned for all three verses that we use while we review the verses to help us remember the words.