On a golden Springtime, handactions

(by Jenny)

Here are the actions I used, for all three verses.

I will do my best to describe them.  Oddly, many of these actions actually turned out to be ASL signs (like the actions I do for line two are the ASL sign for "hide", and the one I do for the Savior breaking the bands is the beginning sign for "Savior") I didn't even know until I started learning "Lord I Would Follow Thee" in ASL this week to teach my kids!  LOL  I was just using "common sense" actions. 

Verse 1

On a golden springtime hands over head, to resemble a sun shining
Underneath the ground left hand up, palm facing down, right hand in a fist belowit (to look like a seed underground) and I wiggle the "seed" hand to make it look like the seed is stiring.
a tiny seedling lay asleep hands together (like praying) on side of cheek, head leaned over, eyes closed--to look asleep until the sun shone down--arms above head again, to look like a sun
Awake! Awake! hands in fists by face, raise them up, and as you do, open hands up (look like you are someone stretching as you wake up)
Oh little seed index finger and thumb close together, to look like you are saying "tiny"
Look upward to the light look face up to sky, right hand plam up points to sky as well
The day is bright sun motion again
With all your might look like you are flexing the muscles in both your arms (cause we are so strong!)
Push upward to the light similar to the motion for Awake, awake, but making it look like you are working extra hard this time to push out above that ground!










Verse 2

On a golden springtime hands over head, to resemble a sun shining
Jesus Christ awoke sign Jesus (middle finger of right hand touches palm of left, then the middle finger of the left hand touches the right palm: symbolic of the nails in his hands), then pinch thumb and index finger together by eyes, and "pop" them open when you say awoke (I think this is actually the ASL for awoke/awake)
and left the tomb make index finger and middle finger look like legs walking away
where he had laid look like you are sleeping again, hands by face the bands of death he broke--cross arms in front of you with fists, and open them up (look like they are breaking apart) so your arms form an "L shape" on the sides of you
Awake! Awake! waking up hand motion
Oh sleeping world sleeping motion (hands by face)
Look upward to the light right hand, palm facing you, hand held up high, as
if beckoning the heavens (I think this is ASL for "Thee")
For now all men may live again right hand, palm up, move arm out in a circle in front of you, like you are saying "Everyone"
Look upward to the light same as previous phrase








Verse 3

On a golden springtime hands over head, to resemble a sun shining
in a forest glade I do this whichever way it seems to come out on that day
  1. left hand in front of you, across the body (to make the ground) and the right hand up in front of you, palm out, waving fingers (to look like a tree, with the leaves moving in the wind or something). 
  2. both hands look like trees.  We started with the second way, until I explained to them what a glade was--an open area in the foest--then we switched to the first way
the Father and the Son appeared take your pointer fingers, one at a time put them in front of you (like you are showing one person, and then another
person) ~ hands should be clenched fists, with the pointer finger pointing up, and both hands in front of you by end of phrase
Joseph knelt and prayed tap knee and then make praying arms
Awake! Awake! waking up hand motion
Oh nations all right hand, pointer finger points to many "places" in a circle in front of you (I had a picture of a "flat map" that we used for a VA* on this verse, and I pointed to that in a semi circle to introduce this)
receive the gospel light hands in fornt of you to look like a book ~ we had talked about this, and the VA was the golden plates
the gospel true is here for you we point out and shake our finger (as if to say "listen!")
receive it's glorious light! hands start above your head, palms facing you, bring them down and together so they end in the book action  (so it looks like light coming down, and end with the "gospel"/book)













* VA = visuel aid