On a golden springtime (verse 2)

(by Debby Moon)

I used the video "The Lamb of God" yesterday to teach the second verse. 

I began the tape after the graphic crucifixion (right when they are going to the tomb). 

I made a tape of the instrumental song playing once through and then started with the first verse ~ it works out to be just starting when the sun is coming up and the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing ~ appropriate for the first verse.

Then as the second verse is starting Mary is walking to the tomb and looks in. 
It was powerful (I think) after the second verse plays it goes back to instrumental and goes through all 3 verses and finishes right at the end of the video ~ with the scripture John 3:16.

We discussed that the resurrection makes it possible for everyone to live again etc. 
After the video the words of the song (story) made a lot of sense.