God blessed me with a divine nature

(Friend March 2003, suggestion # 5)

Class presentation:
Assign class members to write:

At the conclusion of sharing time, have the class members report on the services they did for their families, what they learned, and how it made them feel. Invite the entire Primary to do something during the week to help a member of their families.




Help the children understand that as a child of God, each can help his or her family by having an understanding heart.

On paper hearts, write some case studies (see TNGC, 161–162) of family situations, such as

  1. A younger brother hurt his arm in an accident with your scooter. You have an understanding heart. What can you do?

  2. Your mother is late making dinner because she picked up your sister from soccer practice. You have an understanding heart. What can you do?

  3. Your friend wants you to play. You see your father working in the yard after a hard day at work. You have an understanding heart. What can you do?

Put the paper hearts into a container.
Have the children take turns choosing a situation from the container and then answering it.
Sing "Where Love Is" (pp. 138–139).

Have the children make coupons of acts of service they will do for members of their family through the week.
A coupon could be given to each family member or placed in a booklet.
Have the children share some of their ideas for service, such as:

Sing songs from the CS "Service" listing in the Topics index.