The prayer rug


A young couple chose to be married.
The bride to be came from a poor, dysfunctional family.  She lacked many homemaking and personal skills.  One she did possess was humility.  She was very willing to learn and change, motivated by
the love she had for the young man.
The groom was handsome, cleaver, and came from a wealthy family. He had lived a life of ease and lacked good work habits.  He loved his sweetheart.  This motivated his desire to change and learn
to care for her, for he loved to be with her.  Everyone questioned how the marriage between these two would ever work out, yet they went ahead with the wedding.
At the wedding reception an old gentlemen with kind blue eyes came through the reception line.  He carried an old Indian rug under his arm.  He approached the young couple with an extended hand.  He told them to listen carefully to his words.
"I want you to have this rug.  It holds great meaning for me.  It was upon this rug that my wife and I knelt in prayer every morning and night for 50 years.  Now my wife is gone to live with our Heavenly Father and I know that she would be very pleased if I passed this on to you.
"If you will kneel together morning and night on this rug you can work out your problems and gain strength and guidance from the Lord.  This rug is where you can kneel together to pour out you
souls to God.  When you do this He will bind you together with a love that will help you work out your differences, causing you to become one.  May you use it faithfully."  With that he wished them well.
Thirty years later, this couple on their wedding anniversary stated, "All our wedding gifts are gone but one, the old Indian rug.  On our wedding night we questioned the wisdom of a funny old man, but we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  How thankful we are for that dear fellow who cared enough to share with us his secret to a lasting and meaningful marriage."