Book of Mormons Activity day

(by Felicia, Ohio)

We had the children meet in the Primary room where we had a song and prayer, then I talked to them about what a hero is and how we should choose our heroes carefully. 

Then we moved outside to sit inside a tent and hear "Lehi" tell about his dream. 
Each child was then blindfolded and guided to a rope that led them around the building.  On the other side was a tree where we had attached small plastic bags of yogurt-covered raisins and pretzels (white fruit).

Then the children went to the gym where "Nephi" was waiting to tell them about building the ship and crossing the ocean.  We had tables set up where the children made Styrofoam boats--they decorated paper sails, glued these onto sticks which they stuck into the Styrofoam.  Then they went outside again to float their boats in a small pool.  The wind was blowing and blew most of the boats over but they had fun anyway.

Then they returned to the gym where "Ammon" was waiting to tell his story.
Then we divided the younger children from the older. The younger group stayed in the gym and played a relay game with spoons and cotton balls (for sheep) and the older children went to the parking lot to play Steal the Sheep.  The only problem was they didn't feel they played long enough ~ we should have allowed more time for this.

Then everyone met back in the primary room where "Mormon" was waiting to talk about how he edited the books and compiled them and that is why it is called the Book of Mormon.  Then the children used pencils to "write" names, scriptures or draw pictures on a cardboard square with gold paper glued on top, for their gold plate. 

We had closing then cookies and punch out in the back (so we didn't have any food mess to clean up inside). 
The brethren were all dressed in costume and we were able to borrow props from a sister who has lots of cardboard stuff, even cardboard camels and sheep.