Easter Hosanna

(Friend April 2003 suggestion # 5)

Several weeks before you teach "Easter Hosanna" (pp. 68–69), help an older child or adult leader learn the verses and invite them to Primary the week you teach the song.

Teach the Primary children the chorus first.

Have the children read 3 Ne. 11:15–17 aloud.

As you sing the chorus of "Easter Hosanna," have the children touch their ears when they hear "Hosanna."

Have the children listen as the older child or adult sings the verses that tell the story of Jesus Christ's appearance to the Nephites. Have the entire Primary join in singing the chorus.

Invite the soloist to sing the first line, and have the children move their hands held horizontally to follow the direction of the dashes on the chalkboard. This is called pitch-level conducting. Invite all of the children to sing that line. Repeat this process with the second line. Point out that the melody is exactly the same for the two lines. Have the children sing the second line, then the first two lines. Repeat this entire process for the complete verse.

To provide a challenge for older children, invite an older class to sing the chorus at the same time the rest of the Primary sings the verses. They will need to pause before repeating the second "Hosanna" in order to come in with the second line at the right time.