As I have faith, I want to repent and be baptized
(Friend April 2003 suggestion # 3)

Help the children learn Article of Faith 1:4.

Before Primary, write a part of it on each of the six sides of a small, sturdy box with all sides the same size. Make a box for each group (see below).

NOTE: To use the boxes for other Articles of Faith, cover each side with a clear plastic sleeve and slip the written parts of the article into the sleeve.

Review the gospel principles and ordinances throughout the month by having the children sing songs such as:

Divide the Primary into groups.
Give each group a prepared box and a piece of paper and a pencil.
Have the children in each group take turns lightly tossing the box and reading aloud what is written on the top side.
They should try to roll each side in order.

  1. As soon as they have rolled the box so that side 1 is on top, a child writes "The Fourth Article of Faith" at the top of the paper.

  2. Repeat the process until all the sides, in order, have landed on top of the box and the article has been written completely and correctly.

  3. As soon as the group has finished, they raise their hands and declare, "We believe." They then try to memorize the article before the last group finishes.

  4. When all groups have finished, have the Primary stand and repeat Article of Faith 1:4 together.

Encourage the children to repeat the article to a family member or Primary leader at a later time.