Combining Sharing time/singing time

Look in the current Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2: "Priesthood and auxiliary leaders".
It has a maroon cover and was published in 1998.  See the following:

Page 235, 1st column, 3rd paragraph:
Sharing time should incorporate music (see page 236). The presidency plans with the music leader to include songs that will support the gospel
principle being taught and actively involve the children.

Page 236, 1st column, last paragraph:
In selecting music for sharing time, music leaders discuss with the primary presidency how music can be integrated into plans for sharing time.
They make a schedule for teaching the songs from the current outline for sharing time and the children's sacrament meeting presentation.  They choose additional songs that support the gospel principle being taught in sharing time.  They also include activity songs to provide variety.  They prepare interesting ways to present each song to the children.