Serve in Primary?

(by Lynne, Newark CA)

I think this is a problem that we all have, people who think they've "done their time" and don't have to take particular callings. 

There is a great story in "Remarkable Stories from the Lives of Latter-day Saint Women". It's called "Endure to the End" and is by Belle S. Spafford. 
In it she relates an experience she had visiting a RS in a nursing/residential facility.

They had a testimony meeting and each sister who spoke prayed that she would endure to the end. However, when Sister Spafford met with some of them
privately, they made comments such as:
"I never go to sacrament meeting.  I am too old to be preached to. I don't think it matters at my age."
"I want to move to a little better home...I have no one on whom to spend my money but myself.  I don't even pay tithing.  I don't think the Lord expects it of one my age."
"I almost live on tea.  When I was a younger woman, you couldn't have hired me to drink a cup of tea, but I don't think it will be held against me now."

You get the idea.  Anyway Sis. Spafford concludes with:
"Attendance at sacrament meeting, partaking of the sacrament, ... the payment of tithing, observance of the Word of Wisdom, ... - all basic laws of the gospel - had been abandoned by one or the other of these sisters with a feeling of justification; yet each had earnestly prayed that she might endure to the end."

"Sympathetic as we may be toward these sisters and toward their circumstances, and understanding as we may be of their actions, yet we must recognize that with clear minds they were justifying the nonobservance of God's laws.  I am led to ask also, Has the Lord ever set a retirement age for keeping his commandments?"  (230-1)