I can follow the prophet today
(Friend May 2003, suggestion # 2)

Help the children learn Article of Faith 1:5.

Make a list of questions about prophets, like:

With the help of the music leader, make a list of songs the children know about prophets, such as:

Read Article of Faith 1:5 out loud together.
Place one piece of each color of paper in a container, divide the children into three groups, and have each group choose a paper to determine which third of Article of Faith 1:5 it is to rearrange.
Have the groups take turns answering questions about prophets.
If the answer is correct, the child may switch any two words in his group's section to try to put the words in order.

Alternatively, a child may choose a song for his or her group to sing.
While the song is being sung, the child rearranges as many words as possible in his group's section.
When a group has the words in the correct order, have them stand and read it aloud. Allow the other groups to complete their sections.

While the Primary sings "The Fifth Article of Faith" (p. 125), have some children mix up the words within each color again.
Assign each group a new color and repeat the process of asking questions and rearranging words to help the children learn all three sections of Article of Faith 1:5.

Bear testimony that the prophet has been called of God. Express gratitude for the priesthood with its power and authority being restored in the latter days.