I can follow the prophet today, Sr.
(Friend May 2003, suggestion # 3)

Help the children review messages given during general conference by using the video Sharing Time with President Gordon B. Hinckley (item #53331).

Discuss the lessons President Hinckley teaches in this message.

Discuss some of the visual elements that were used to help illustrate the points:

Give each child a piece of paper and some crayons.
Divide the children into groups, and give each group a talk to illustrate.
Choose general conference talks with principles the Primary children could live more faithfully.
Have a leader or older child read selected sections from the talk to the group, then ask,

Have each child in the group choose a different picture to draw.
Tape the completed pictures together in a continuous roll to illustrate the talk.
Use a roller box (see TNGC, 178) to present the pictures to the rest of the Primary.
Have the groups take turns reading their assigned conference message and showing the illustrations with the roller box.

Display the illustrated conference talks and have the children invite family members to view their pictures and retell the message.