I can follow the prophet today

(Friend May 2003, suggestion # 1)

Help the children review some of the principles taught in the most recent general conference by referring to the Sermon on the Mount.

Write selected beatitudes (Matt. 5:3–11) on the chalkboard.

Choose conference messages that have similar themes.

Have the children take turns reading a section of a conference talk ~ or have an adult read and/or paraphrase one ~ then locating a beatitude with a similar message.

Choose additional conference talks that would help your Primary children.

Divide the Primary into groups, and give each group a section of a talk to read.

Have the group write, in the form of a beatitude, a blessing they can receive for obeying a principle in the talk. (E.g., "Blessed are those who pay tithing, for the windows of heaven will be open to them.")

Have the children take turns reading their blessings.

Sing songs that reinforce the principles being taught.