Sunbeam classpresentation, lesson # 20

(by Conny Hillgaardyyy)

One small sample for each child of a pleasant-smelling food.
Put the samples in a bag:

Let as many children as possible taste, and guess what it is.

Present the following verse:

I Have a Nose

I have a nose (point to nose).
It sits on my face (put hands on cheeks),
Right in the middle
In the very best place (use finger to draw an imaginary circle around nose).
My nose can sniff (sniff);
My nose can smell (take a deep breath through nose and let it out).
I thank Heavenly Father
(fold arms)
That my nose works so well.

Source: I Am Thankful That I Can Smell and Taste

NB: Check with the children’s parents to make sure no child is allergic to the food