Spring 2003--Music Workshop held in Salt Lake City, Utah
            Music fits in Primary like Ps in a Pod

Music workshop March 2003

(notes taken by Sunni Olson)

To assist leaders in helping children to "sing His praise" with "thankful hearts" as testimonies of faith are developed. 
Teach Primary songs with more music, more singing, less talking

The pianist was playing Sacred Names of Jesus Friend Apr 1998. 
They held up the various signs to sing, listen, ooo, etc.  
They sang as we listened.  
They quickly taught us the words and then split us up into 2 groups.  
One group sang the first half while, at the same time, the other group sang the second half.  (look up the song, you will understand.  One group sang all the names for the Savior) 


A: I'll Follow Him in Faith Friend Jan 2003. You will remember this beautiful song from the Primary Broadcast in February. 
They told us they taught the children this song in 15 prior to the broadcast!! First they had them lou-lou the song and then taught them the message.  They used these pictures or objects to teach the message. 

  1. Book of Mormon

  2. child being baptized

  3. flashlight

  4. missionaries

  5. Savior

  6. boy praying

  7. Stripping Warriors

  8. a child comforting another child

  9. Savior w/ children

Discuss 2 phrases, have them sing them together and go on.

B: I Hope They Call Me on a Mission:
Have them pretend to be riding a horse in Bolivia carrying a Book of Mormon.  Have them pretend they are flying in a jet or riding on a subway.

C:Give Said the Little Stream:
Use some blue fabric for the water.  Ask the children to be thinking of ways they can help other while you sing.  Stop them during the song and ask for ways they can help others.


A: Jesus Said Love Everyone:
Split the group in half.  Have one group sing "Jesus said love everyone" 3 times.  At the SAME time the other half should sing the song as written.  They will all sing together the last line. 

B: I Belong to the church of Jesus Christ:
Split the group in half and have them face each other.  They start out singing the song together.  At "I know who I am," just one side sings it to the other side, then the other side sings the next part alone to the other side.  (Does that make sense?)  "His truth I will proclaim" is together.

C: The Things I Do:
Have them use their arms at a metronome to teach tempo.

TO TEACH OSTINATO (CS 304): (what a fun thing to do!!)

A. Quickly I'll Obey:
Split the group in half.  One group will sing and clap or use various other instruments to beat out the beat of "quickly I'll obey."  The other half will sing the song as written.  They will sing the last phrase together. 

B: Book of Mormon Stories, verse 2:
Again, split group in half.  One group will sing and beat out (hands or instruments) "we must brothers be."  The other group will sing the song as written.  They can sing the final phrase together.

C: Lord, I Would Follow Thee:
They suggested pitch teaching this song.  They had 3 sheets of colored paper (long and wide) and "drew" out the pitch of the song with big black dots.  They suggested "drawing" out the 3 phrases from the first verse and then have the children try to match the words to the pictures the pitch made.  Does this make sense?  If it doesn't, please ask because it is such a wonderful idea.  Oh, and on the dots that fall on the word LOVE, us a HEART instead of a black dot. 



A. Let children choose their favorite songs often.  
    Use songs often during sharing time and class time.  Use different ways to sing songs: fast, slow, like animal noises (who who), etc. 

B: Make a big red heart envelope.
Have children write on little hearts "the song from their heart."  When you choose their song, have them come up and help lead. 

C. They stressed that when do present our programs
We are not performing or taking Primary into Sacrament meeting.  No costumes, no performing.  We are allowing the children to share their testimonies through the music. 

D. Remember to ask the Lord for help.  We are helping His children.