Music  workshop March 2003 Salt Lake City
by Ann Hunting, UT

Music has the potential to build enduring testimonies.

Use pictures and objects with the songs.

I'll follow Him in Faith:

Use actions:
I Hope They Call Me On A Mission:

Have children relate to song:
Give said the little stream:  How can we give to our families, etc.
Then use that word in the song.  (Work, smile, help, etc)

Use sign language in songs.

Divide the children in groups, have each group sing a line or phrase of the song.

Use clapping and snapping of tempo ( I think they called it ostinato?)

Use picture of the Savior often
Especially when the children are singing about Him.  Help the children to know they are presenting their music to Him. 

Let the children write the Sacrement Meeting Presentation.

Use homemade instruments.  (they used the pipe chimes in a demo, very cute)

They had a square box with a picture on each side.
They would throw the box and depending on which picture was on top determined how the song would be sung. 

  1. Lion-strong(not loud)
  2. Lamb-softly,
  3. turtle-slowly,
  4. rabbit-quickly,
  5. a question mark-meant the child gets to choose,
  6. Owl