Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth
(Friend Jul 2003, suggestion # 3)

Discuss how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created the earth and all forms of life.

Assign each class a scripture about something the Lord created:

Have the children locate the scriptures, then take turns reading them aloud while you list the creations on the chalkboard.

Weather permitting, and if safety is not an issue, have the children take a walk around the church to look for other creations.
Or sing "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (p. 231) or "The World Is So Big" (p. 235).

Give each child paper and a pencil to draw something that the Lord created.
Show and discuss the pictures by collecting them from the children and using a pretend fishing pond.
Have the children take turns "fishing" out each other's pictures.
As a picture is drawn out, invite the child to tell something that he or she could do to treat that creation with respect.
Invite the children to share their drawings with family members and discuss ways they can show respect for all of God's creations.