I have been sent to a family
(Friend Jun 2003, suggestion # 4)

Help the children understand the importance of families by having three older Primary children read and tell the meaning of:

Divide the children into groups of varying sizes to represent family units. 
Within each group, assign some children, one or more parents, a grandparent or aunt and uncle, and so on. 
Each group should have children and adult family members. 
Discuss how being part of a family can strengthen individuals and provide guidance for children.

On pieces of paper, write the names of songs the children know that teach about Jesus Christ, such as:

Cut the song titles into puzzle pieces. 
Place each title in a separate envelope and give each "family" an envelope and enough blindfolds for the "children" in the family. 
Explain how parents or adult members of the family can help children because they often have a better perspective and can see things the children cannot.

Blindfold the children in the family and have them try to put the puzzle together by themselves while the pianist plays one verse of "I Lived in Heaven" (p. 4). 
Have the children continue to work on the puzzle with the "adults" in the family giving verbal directions. 
The adults should not take over and do the puzzle themselves. 
Keep track of the order in which the puzzles are completed and sing the songs in that order.

Invite a parent to visit Primary and express their desire to help their children live the gospel.