My Gospel Standards
(July 1st 2003)


  1. I will follow Heavenly Father’s plan for me.
  2. I will remember my baptismal covenant and listen to the Holy Ghost.
  3. I will choose the right. I know I can repent when I make a mistake.
  4. I will be honest with Heavenly Father, others, and myself.
  5. I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ reverently. I will not swear or use crude words.
  6. I will do those things on the Sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  7. I will honor my parents and do my part to strengthen my family.
  8. I will keep my mind and body sacred and pure, and I will not partake of things that are harmful to me.
  9. I will dress modestly to show respect for Heavenly Father and myself.
  10. I will only read and watch things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.
  11. I will only listen to music that is pleasing to Heavenly Father.
  12. I will seek good friends and treat others kindly.
  13. I will live now to be worthy to go to the temple, serve a mission, and do my part to have an eternal family.