Lord, I would follow Thee, Hymns # 220
(Friend Jul 2003 suggestion # 5)

Help the children learn "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" (Hymns, no. 220) by teaching the phrases in reverse order.

Discuss how the last phrase expresses our commitment to follow the Savior. It is so important that it is used to end each verse.
Have the children listen as you sing it, and raise their hands when they think of something they can do to follow Him.
Ask one of them to share a way to follow Jesus Christ, and invite that child to hold a picture of Him while everyone sings the last phrase.

Tell the children that the phrases leading up to the final phrase indicate ways they can follow the Lord.
Sing the next to the last phrase, "Savior, may I learn to love thee," then have the children sing it with you.
Have them sing these two phrases and raise their hands if they have thought of a way they can follow the Savior.
Have another child share his answer and hold up the picture while everyone again sings the two last phrases.
Repeat this procedure until you have all sung the entire hymn.

Bear testimony of your love for the Savior and your desire to follow Him.