As I follow Jesus, my faith grows, week 4
(Friend Jul 2003, suggestion # 3)

Help the children understand what they can do to follow the Savior in faith by using:

On the back of the following pictures, write the scripture reference indicated, then arrange the pictures on the front wall in random order in the shape of a clock:

Have the children locate Ether 12:6, and invite an older child to read it aloud. Discuss how Moroni defined faith.

Choose a child to be the timekeeper. Have another child choose a picture and read the reference aloud. Have all the children quickly locate the scripture while the timekeeper tracks how long it takes. The first child to locate the scripture reads it aloud. Help the children retell the story about that person by asking questions such as:

Based on the amount of time it took to find the first picture, have a child read aloud the scripture reference from the back of a picture positioned at that time on a clock. For example, if it took 45 seconds to find it, the picture at nine o'clock would be chosen. If a picture has been chosen previously, have the child take the next unchosen picture in order. Repeat the process until all the pictures have been chosen.

Have the children locate Ether 12:18 and read it aloud together.
Emphasize that all of the things happened because the people first believed in Jesus Christ.

Sing songs about faith, such as:


From the CSMP booklet 2003:
Come, Follow Me
, Primary 2, Lesson 15
Alma Teaches about Faith
, Primary 4, Lesson 22